10 Gift Ideas for Designers

Gift Ideas for Designers 2013 // Viva Bang Bang As a designer I tend to appreciate good design of all kinds and try to surround myself with pretty stuff as much as possible. From office supplies to food to jewelry, I am always looking for well designed/interesting/shiny things to inspire me.

I know that we creative types might be a little hard to shop for, so here are 10 gorgeous gift ideas that will inspire the designer in your life all year long (or at least until they lose all the pencils and drink all the tequila)

1. G2001 Black Pencil Set by Oliday on Etsy, $5.50

2. Son of a Sailor USB Drive, $34

3. Espolon Tequila, $25

4. Mast Brothers Chocolate, $11.95

5. Solid Brass Coasters, $35

6. Neptune Tea Towel by Citta Design, $14.90

7. McSweeney's Quarterly (Issue 20 shown), $19

8. A one-year membership to their local art museum, Approx. $50-$100

9. Skeem Perfume Roller, $14

10. Evil Eye Earrings, $59

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