A word on closet purging

Growing up, I was a pack rat. I wanted everything and I wanted to save it all. And save I did. I saved so much, in fact, that nearly every relic of my childhood was perfectly preserved in my tiny, yellow bedroom when I moved out. Sorting through it all and getting it out of my mother's house was a personal nightmare, but by golly I had every "top secret" note, every embarrassing journal, every school notebook, every useless scrap of paper, t-shirt, and figurine.

I needed to learn how to get rid of crap.

It wasn't easy and I didn't knock it out in an afternoon or even a week. It was a slow process that came in waves. I'd get rid of a little of this and a little of that. A few weeks, months, or years later, I'd get rid of some more.

I still get overly sentimental and have a hard time getting rid of stuff, but it's gotten a lot easier. I recently moved and had a yard sale with a friend. It felt good to get a lot of things I'd held on to "just in case" out of my life.

I don't have any super special, clever, Pinterest worthy tips about turning your hangers around or throwing a swap party. All I can tell you is whenever I purge my closets and dresser drawers, I remind myself that I'll feel better when I no longer feel weighed down by the things I don't use and that helps me to be more decisive and diplomatic about what stays and what goes.

How do you keep yourself from accumulating too much extra junk?

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