Apartment Decorating [ Implementing the Plan -1 ]

$4 painting // Viva Bang Bang Home Goods Rug // Viva Bang Bang

Alright. We've talked about how I made my plan for decorating my next apartment and we talked about how I made my decorating budget, so now let's talk about how I'm implementing my plan or rather, how and where I'm buying all the crap to put in my apartment.

There are a couple of bigger purchases that are going to have to wait until we move to take place, but there are several smaller purchases that can happen before our move that I'm already starting to make. For the most part these objects include pillows, rugs, art, and small bits of furniture (baskets, stools, end tables).

I've already bought some end tables from World Market that were marked 50% off with some Christmas money I'd gotten and I got some velvety pillows at World Market that were on sale. I've also purchased a rug for the bedroom for $40 at a Restore, a decorative glass jar for $5 from TJMaxx, a rug for the living room (pictured above) from TJMaxx Home Goods store for about half of what I had budgeted and a handmade painting for $4 at a local church's white elephant sale (also pictured above).

There are a variety of places that I look to find items on my list, but some of my favorite places to shop are TJMaxx, Marshall's, World Market, Restore, Target, thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales. I'll keep you updated on future purchases until it's all put together in my new apartment this summer!