Art Roundup [ Bright Paintings ]

Bright, Colorful Paintings

I'm taking a much needed break from covering everything I own in plastic wrap (for the move) so that I can share with you a few of my new favorite paintings. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own work or you're wanting to expand your personal art collection, I'm pretty sure these colorful works will be just what you're looking for. Or not. And that's fine too. 

1. Jim Harris, "Untitled" 

About the artist via his Saatchi Art profile - "American Artist living and working in Japan. I listen to mostly jazz when painting. Currently I'm mainly influenced by Japanese architecture, both contemporary and ancient." 

2, Signe & Genna, "Townies"

About the artists via their website - "Partners in both life and art, Signe & Genna have been collaborating for nearly ten years. Genna begins their process by applying rich layers of pattern and tone to gessoed masonite or linen supports. Signe then selects an inspiration image from their extensive collection of vintage found photos, draws with oil pastel atop the abstract underlayer using the photo for reference, and completes the image with blocky 'panes' of oil color." 

Their work can currently be seen at the local Leiper’s Creek Gallery in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee (one of my favorite galleries).

3. Leslie Shiels, "Crossing Hounds"

This artist's work can also currently be seen at the local Leiper’s Creek Gallery in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee.

4. Lulie Wallace, "Flowers for Avril"

Currently based in Charleston, South Carolina, this artist says that her "hope is that [her] paintings simply bring a piece of joy to the homes they inhabit." 

5.  Hester Van Dapperen, "Los ángeles"

About the artist via her Saatchi Art profile - "Contemporary visual artist Hester van Dapperen is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The artist about her work: In my visual work, I am fascinated by the human in motion - my reflection of contemporary reality."

I hope you enjoy these bright paintings and have a bright summery week!