Bedroom Art and Antique Adventures

Canvas drawing // Viva Bang Bang

Canvas drawing // Viva Bang Bang  

Circle Art // Viva Bang Bang

I'm still in the process of decorating our new(ish) apartment and recently made some large scale, monochromatic pieces for our bedroom. The first picture shows a charcoal drawing on drop cloth material hung with brass upholstery tacks which was inspired by projects like this and this.

The second picture shows one drawing and one watercolor painting. The drawing was inspired by a print that's in the lobby of the office I work in. I made this with packing paper from an Amazon delivery, charcoal and a tea kettle. The watercolor painting was inspired by the loads of dot prints I'm seeing all over the internet these days. I just used some heavy paper I already had and some black watercolor paint to make this large dot painting.

Country Charm // Viva Bang Bang

Yesterday, I went to several antique shops in Franklin, Tn with a friend and had a blast (despite a killer headache). There are so many cute shops within walking distance of each other and we saw some amazing pieces. I definitely left feeling inspired (and exhausted!) by all of the wonderful things in those shops. Mom- I know what we're doing next time you come to visit!

Pictured- Country Charm Antique Mall

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