My big, fat list of talks from speakers at the 2016 O'Reilly Design Conference

A Big, Fat, List of Talks from Speakers at the 2016 O'Reilly Design Conference

This week has been one I won't be forgetting anytime soon, but not for the reasons I originally planned. I was supposed to attend the O'Reilly Design Conference in San Francisco this week. Once I made it to San Francisco, I promptly lost my purse in the airport at 2 am. By some miraculous act of kindness, someone turned it in and I got it back later that day. A few hours later, I got news that my grandfather passed away. So I switched my flights and left my hotel at 3:50 am the next morning. Going home for the funeral was good and awful and everything in between. I'm glad I made the decision to come home, but am (selfishly) sad that the timing was what it was.

Before the conference, I bookmarked some videos of talks given by speakers that were going to be at the conference. I've since found and added many more videos, making this list quite long. Obviously, I haven't watched all of them yet, but I plan to slowly make my way through them in the coming weeks. 

Please note: While some of these videos were produced by O'Reilly Media, most of them are talks from a variety of other events given by speakers who also spoke at the 2016 O'Reilly Design Conference in San Francisco. Not all of the speakers from the 2016 O'Reilly conference have videos of their talks online. For a full list of the speakers, click here.

Big, Fat List of Talks* from Speakers at the 2016 O'Reilly Design Conference

*Two of these links are to text articles and not videos

  1. The d.Fund Founder Enrique Allen: Innovation Will Take A Different Breed Of Designer

  2. Gretchen Anderson // Why Shouldn’t You Be in Charge // MX 2015

  3. 20131016 - Judd Antin (Facebook): UX and Big Data Met At a Bar

  4. Irene Au: "Cultivating Focus, Empathy, and Creativity for Better Product Design" | Talks at Google

  5. Autodesk University Keynote: Future of IoT (Carl Bass)

  6. Conditions, Constraints, and Conviction | Bob Baxley | TEDxLosGatosHighSchool

  7. Making digital government better: An interview with Mike Bracken

  8. Monitorama PDX 2015 - Chrissie Brodigan - Measuring Hard to Measure Things

  9. Your Friendly Robot Companions: Bots and Designing for Messaging by Ben Brown

  10. "Design is a Process, Not an Event" - Robert Brunner

  11. UX Conversations with Vanessa Cho

  12. Mad*Pow Webinar: “Discussing Design - The Art of Critique with Adam Connor

  13. "Balancing Chaos & Order: Designing for Offline and Online" - Katie Dill

  14. Art, Design, and The Future of Privacy - Digital Privacy IRL

  15. "Breaking the Habit: Noticing the World & Making it Better" - Tony Fadell & Tim O'Reilly

  16. Service Experience Conference 2014 Video: A Service Design Odyssey

  17. Maria Giudice // The Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design // MX 2015

  18. SolidCon 2015: Zero UI, the end of the screenbased interface. Andy Goodman | Fjord

  19. Just Enough Research by Erika Hall—An Event Apart Video

  20. Distracted? Let's Demand a New Kind of Design: Tristan Harris

  21. Technology's "empathy gap" | Dan Hon | TEDxLiverpool

  22. Where good ideas come from

  23. Designing Talking Devices

  24. Understanding Industrial Design: Principles for UX and Interaction Design

  25. UX Week 2013 | Dan Klyn | Make Things Be Good: Five Essential Lessons from the Life and Work of Richard Saul Wurman

  26. 10 Questions With... Jennifer Kolstad (article)

  27. [WARM GUN 2014] Google Ventures, Braden Kowitz, "Designing for Startups"

  28. Wearables, Voice Interfaces, and Design Responsibility

  29. Interview with Mike Kuniavsky - The Future of IoT 2015

  30. MX 2014 | Livia Labate | Digital Governance: Getting Your Act Together & Keeping It That Way

  31. Danielle Latman and Sapna Singh - Finding the Perfect Fit: Exploring the shoe shopping experience with elders

  32. Harvard i-lab | Fundamentals of Experience Design with C. Todd Lombardo

  33. Danielle Malik: Go Home, Data, You’re Drunk

  34. Designing Mobile Magic Moments - Greg Nudelman [UXI Studio 2013]

  35. Pamela Pavliscak - Be Data-Informed without Being a Data Scientist

  36. ENGAGE2014: Yes, You Can Use Design Thinking To Engage Employees - Suzanne Pellican, Intuit

  37. Video: Joe Robinson – Money by Design

  38. Handling intermittency and latency: UX design, power management, and real-world networking - Claire Rowland (Independent) and Elizabeth Goodman (confectious)

  39. Dan Saffer: Practical Creativity

  40. "B2B & Enterprise Design: The Next Frontier of Design Impact" - Margaret Stewart

  41. Video: What is service design?

  42. Case Study: Inneract Project: Bringing Design To The Community (text)