Creative Business Resources // 1

creative business resourcesI've shared some of the resources I use to learn more about small, creative entrepreneurship before and today, I'd like to share some more!  Braid Creative

I just took Braid Creative's ecourse on Personal Branding and I loved it. They have a lot of good exercises to help you think about your business in a new way. They offer two other ecourses (all reasonably priced) and they have a great blog too.

 Lady Business Radio

I just started listening to this podcast last week and it's awesome. If you're a lady and you've got a business, then you should listen to Jessica Kupferman's podcast.


I've been trying to read up on copy writing lately and I'm half way through the free ebook from this blog. It's less than a hundred pages and full of great information (so far), so I would recommend checking it out.

What are some of your favorite places to get good business information?


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