Dinner Challenge [ Goat Cheese Pizza ]

Goat Cheese Pizza / Viva Bang Bang Lately we've been in a dinner rut around here. The same handful of meals rotate throughout the week and while they're good and they get the job done, I wanted to challenge myself to try a new recipe every night this week and to also work on my photography skills (that last part obviously didn't go so well tonight-oops!). So tonight I made goat cheese pizza and it was great!

I used this recipe to make a simple, no yeast crust and I used a little Bertolli's alfredo sauce for the base. Then I piled on an Italian cheese blend, spinach, tomato, goat cheese crumbles and some fresh oregano.

It was much more delicious than it looks and I am super excited to have found an easy thin crust recipe!

What's your favorite homemade pizza recipe? Do you have any recipe suggestions to get me out of this dinner rut?

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