Dorm Decorating [ Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home ]

Going off to college and living in a dorm was an exciting experience for me, however, it didn't take me long to start missing the comforts of home. One of the biggest things I missed was having a bathtub and while I never figured out how to get one of those set up in my dorm, I did figure out some other ways to make a cinderblock room located hundreds of miles from home feel cozy and welcoming.

7 Things That Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home


1) A Lamp 

Often, dorms are equipped with harsh overhead lighting and a lamp (or two) will give you the option to turn off the fluorescent bulbs and use some softer light.



2) A Rug

The floors in most dorms are either covered in tile or very gross carpet, so adding a rug will not only make your room look better, it will also give you a more comfortable floor to walk on, to sit on and to throw your clothes on.



3) Pillows

Pillows are a great way to add interest and softness to a boring concrete room. Get a couple large pillows that can be used like poufs on the floor when friends come over to study (A.K.A watch American Idol).



4) Blanket

A great throw is another way to make your dorm feel cozy and they're very practical too since chances are you'll be getting cold in your dorm at some point because you probably won't have much control over the thermostat. And who doesn't like to snuggle up in bed to do their studying, anyway?


5) Art

I am a firm believer that a place cannot feel like home unless there is some sort of art on the wall. It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy, it just has to be there. Honestly, you could scribble on some paper and put it in a frame with a mat and it'd look better than having nothing at all. So put something (preferably framed) on the walls!



6) A Plant

Another way to make your little room feel like home is to get a plant! It adds visual interest and gives a feeling of freshness to the room. There are several easy to care for options out there, so no excuses!



7) A basket

A basket not only looks cozy, but it provides extra storage. You could store extra blankets and pillows in there, use it as a clothes hamper, or use it to hold books and magazines.


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