Down to business [ Confessions of an Information Hoarder ]

One of the things I've been doing for the past year or so in preparation for owning my own business one day is collecting as much business information and advice as possible. I've been hoarding these little nuggets of information until I can use them one day. So today I'm going to share names of publications and links to blogs that I read regularly in my quest for knowledge.


I'm currently in the process of reading this one - How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul by Adrian Shaughnessy.

Entrepreneur magazine has really great profiles of current businesses, interviews with entrepreneurs and usually offers up useful tips like "how to have a successful business lunch"


DesignLoveFest - I've been reading this blog for a couple of years now and they have an AWESOME advice column that is especially useful if you're a freelance designer.

JessLively - I've only just discovered Jess's blog and her Wish I Knew Wednesday newsletters (wish there was an archive of old ones that I could read!), but I'm a huge fan. Her newsletters are candid and stuffed with good information. Plus, she talks with the idea of focus in mind which I find incredibly helpful as I lose focus rather quickly sometimes.

Design*Sponge - This is another blog that I've read for years and they have a really great column called "Biz Ladies" and while it is geared towards women business owners, the information in gender neutral.

Amanda Genther - Amanda runs Two.Oh Design Studio and offers up a business and marketing advice on her blog. You should check out her case studies on different design projects while you're on her site. Soo good.

Unicorns for Socialism - Alexandra Franzen runs this blog and refers to herself as a "promotional wordsmith and personal scribe". Her blog is full of energy and her "business // acceleration" category is particularly useful.

// Update

Betty Means Business - Ok. I JUST stumbled on this about an hour after I made this post and I think it's worth sharing. They claim to be "exploding the starving artist myth with a sonic boom" and there are lots of interviews with creative entrepreneurs. //


After the Jump -  This podcast (put out by the people at Design*Sponge) talks about a variety of things, but it often has good information for business owners.