Down to Business [ Dealing with Jealousy ]

Jealousy isn't something I deal with much these days (my life from preschool through high school is a different story). I'm comfortable with my life and who I am, so I don't often think, "Oh, I wish that could be me!" Sometimes, however, I meet someone or read about someone who seems to be living my exact, little dream life and I get very. very. jealous. I get jealous because I know that my dreams/ goals are very obtainable. I'm not trying to become a pop star or a millionaire. I know that I could be living my dream right now and that the only reason I'm not is because I'm still in school. I get frustrated because I'm not to that part of my plan yet (yes, I have a career plan).

So how to deal?

Welcome the cause of  jealousy into your life.

The person that's living your dream? Make them your friend. The business that's just like the business you've been planning to start for years now? Become a customer. Once you learn more about these people and businesses, you might be more likely to see that they aren't living your exact dream. You might find that you have a lot in common. You might learn a bunch of things you'll do differently when you start your own business. You might be less jealous and you might make a new friend or two.

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