Down to Business [ Finding your Groove ]

  Since I have big dreams of having small business success one day, I try to learn as much as I can about small business practices so that I'm prepared when the time comes for me to open my own place. I enjoy reading posts about business on other blogs and wanted to do something business related here at Viva Bang Bang, but for a while I thought that since I didn't have a ton of experience, I wouldn't be able to offer much advice. And that may be true, but I can still talk about my experiences with freelance work and with starting/managing my blog and you can tell me about your experiences too!

I have a tendency to put a lot on my plate and when I do this, I (surprise!) have a hard time focusing and getting things done the way I'd like to. So when I started this blog about a month ago, I decided I wanted to do 'x' amount of posts a week and talk about this, that and the other and, as it turns out, it's been a little overwhelming. While I wish I could just blog all day, I can't right now because I'm finishing up my college degree, working part time and trying to maintain a healthy personal life.

After recognizing this fact, I've decided that maybe 10-15 posts a week is a little ambitious and I shouldn't be too hard on myself if I can only manage 1 some weeks. I prefer quality of quantity.

Initially, I was also very concerned about making sure I didn't go crazy with the range of topics I discussed and making sure I stayed focused, but I now realize that many of the things I talk about are largely design related and that I shouldn't be worried about turning into the Wal-mart of blogs anytime soon.

So while I'm sure I'll continue to settle into a blogging routine and find more of a groove, this is my groove for now. Design related posts several times a week with some business talk sprinkled in.

The take away

If you're starting your own blog, make sure you're only posting about things you like (even if that means you're covering a few different topics) and that you're posting schedule fits into your lifestyle. I feel that this is probably good advice when starting a business too. Make sure you like what you're selling and that it isn't killing you to do/make it.