Down to Business [ Getting Organized ]


Another thing I'm doing in preparation for my professional future is getting organized! I want an orderly system in place so that when I start doing more freelance, I won't be scrambling to figure out how I'm going to keep track of everything.


Google Docs - I use spreadsheets in Google docs to keep track of where I'm at in a project and also to keep track of who's paid.

Desktop folders - I've got a folder system for my desktop files. I organize school work by semester and I have separate folders for freelance and my blog. Each of those folders has several sub folders so that when I go looking for something, it can easily be found. I also have a file naming system for freelance work where each file that is specific to the project has the client's name in the title.

Dropbox- Dropbox is great for sharing files with clients and also as an additional way to back up your more important files. I'm looking to upgrade my dropbox storage space pretty soon.

Bookmark tab- The bookmark tab is a feature I never really utilized until recently and I find it to be very helpful. I've created three main subject folders (Design, Web, Business) so that whenever I find a site that I know I'll want to revisit or reference in the future, I save it to one of those folders and move on! No more emailing myself site names or jotting them down on a scrap of paper! They're always on my desktop.

ipad- I take my ipad to client meetings to take notes on. Sometimes I use google docs for note taking and sometimes I just use the notes application.


Saving-  I've decided that all of the money I bring in from freelance work until I graduate will saved so that I can use it to buy supplies (like a scanner and a printer) for my home studio.

Banking- I haven't had a need to open a new bank account yet, but when I start doing more business after graduation, I'd like to open a business account and keep all of my finances separate.

Google Docs- Again, I use Google Docs to keep track of my expenses and income related to freelance work.


I have tangible folders for each project so that I can keep the sketches and contracts organized. At the end of each year, I'm going to consolidate all of the project folders into one big folder.

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