Down to Business [ Investing in Yourself ]

investing in yourself I recently decided to use some money from my freelance work to invest in myself and my blog.

How exactly am I going to do that?

PowerPlay + Advertising

I want to grow my business knowledge so I signed up for Amanda Genther's PowerPlay program. I've been part of Amanda's email list for a while now and really enjoy all of the advice and tips she shares, so signing up for PowerPlay where she shares exclusive information about her creative business that other creative entrepreneurs don't (like how much money she's making) was kind of a no-brainer. It starts in January and I know it's going to give me useful information that I'll be able to use a few years down the road.

I also want to grow my blog, so I decided to start advertising around the web on other blogs that I like. The first blogger I'll be advertising with is Jess Lively. I love her blog and her Wish I Knew Wednesday emails. I also like that her site is clean and doesn't have 50 other ads on it competing with mine. So starting in January you'll be able to see my ad on her site!

What are you doing in 2013 to invest in yourself?