Etsy // 4

The holidays are just around the corner and while I'm about half way done with my Christmas shopping, I may have to come up with an excuse to buy some of these Etsy goodies.

Top- Tovicorrie has just launched their new leather tote range and it is divine! I could definitely see myself using that bag everyday. Toviecorrie is based in Bristol, UK and offers a whole range of bold and colorful leather accessories like iphone cases and earrings.

Middle- That letter opener from Rosco's Antler Design (yes, antler design) needs to get in my life immediately. I have a serious letter opening problem and tend to rip envelopes to shreds. This gorgeous little tool will make the whole checking the mail routine much more elegant, I'm sure.

Bottom- I kind of love anything shiny and/or pink, but my boyfriend? Not so much. So when it comes to decorating our apartment, I try to keep things pretty androgynous. This simple wooden clock from Toronto's Off Cut Studio would be perfect in our living room. They also offer cherry wood bike fenders, in case you're interested.

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