Etsy Roundup [ Office Supplies ]

Etsy Office Supplies // Viva Bang Bang

The other day, I had a brilliant idea involving office supplies (no, I won't tell you) and so I thought that I'd share some of my recent Etsy office supply finds with you today! Aren't they pretty?

1. Washable Kraft Paper File FolderBag from Oliday$13

2. Black Pencil Set from Oliday$5.50

3. Screen Printed Mint Triangles Notebook from Finest Imagery$6.50

4. Square Concrete Mini Planter from Rough Fusion$28

5. Gold Foil "Hustle" Print from Charm and Gumption (THIS IS A NASHVILLE BASED ETSY SHOP!) $10

6. Wool Felt Office Organizer Desktop Set from Oliday$18.50

7. Elephant Mouse Pad from Slightly Smitten Kitten Designs$12

8. Astronomy Notebook from Celestefrittata$24.34

9. Concrete Post-It Note Holder from Rough Fusion$28

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Viva Bang Bang on Pinterest

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