Focus and a Rare Moment of Clarity

Focus + Clarity // Viva Bang Bang When I started this blog a few months ago, I wanted it to be a well-curated display of beautiful, interesting things and I think I've accomplished that.

However, I had an Ah-hah! moment the other night in a rare moment of clarity. 

After this jolt of genius (partially brought on by reading Joy Cho's Blog Inc.), I realized that I need to be spending less time searching the internet for great work to share and more time creating my own beautiful, interesting work. I've finally found more focus for my blog and I'm very excited to see that play out in the next year.

I also made a decision about priorities the other night and as much as I'd love to blog full time, I need and want to focus on my Senior Project (my capstone graphic design project) so that it can be as amazing as possible.

So in 2013, I'll try to post several times a week and the focus will be on content I created. Quality over quantity. 

I will still share style guides and talk about artists and packaging I like from time to time, but I'm going to try and share those more on my other social media outlets like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (all of which you should follow me on if you aren't already!)