Good Stuff [ ORLY Topcoat ]

I, like most people, like to know about good stuff. Stuff that just works and your Momma or your co-worker have been using it for years and even though you've never seen it advertised anywhere ever, it's awesome. I think I know about some good stuff and would like to share that stuff with you.

Today's Good Stuff is ORLY's 3-in-1 TopCoat. It's about $8 at Sally Beauty Supply (and only $5 from this place) and, I'm telling you, it makes even the cheapest, chippy-ish nail polish last longer. I like to use Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri polish because, well, it drys very, very quickly and I am very, very impatient. However, the downside to quick drying polishes, in my experience, is that they tend to chip very easily. So I now use this top coat and it makes my quick dry manicure last a whole week instead of a whole day or two. And did I mention the top coat dries quickly too? Well, it does.

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