Happening this Week

Happening This Week // Viva Bang Bang So I've still got a little time before school starts back up and I'm using it to design wedding invitations for my sister and a logo and website for a musician friend of mine. I'm excited about both projects even though they're completely different.

One is going to have floral illustrations with antique colors and the other is supposed to turn out simple and moody yet with a slightly medieval, space thing happening. We'll see how that one goes.

They're both new territory for me, but since I've known both of these "clients" for years, I'm confident that all parties involved will be satisfied with the results.

I've also been reading some books this week which is something I've missed doing since lately I've just been reading articles online or in magazines or having to read something for a class.

The rest of my break will be pretty busy trying to finish up these design projects, getting some material together for upcoming blog posts, and running miscellaneous errands, but I'm going to try and relax a little since I'm pretty sure that once school starts up, I won't be relaxing until May.

Hope you have a great week! See you Wednesday!