How I Make My Iced Coffee


Until recently, I was usually disappointed with any attempt I made to make a homemade iced/flavored coffee. They were usually too coffee-y and plain. That's because I was a fool and didn't see that what I really wanted was a little coffee with my caramel milk. So I didn't own a coffee maker for a long time and got in the bad routine of hitting up Starbucks several mornings a week.

I knew this probably wasn't a smart financial decision and that I could be using the money spent there on something else, but it was a hard habit to break because I do love coffee and I could easily justify it because I don't have any other regular splurges like manicures or weekend shopping excursions. So it went on for months until I decided to invest in a coffee maker.

I got a mini Keurig on sale (the thing's paid for itself already by saving me trips to Starbucks) and I started drinking piping hot coffee at home more often. However, it was still hard to resist going out for an iced coffee (frappuccino) at least once a week. That is...until a couple of weeks ago when I figured out how to make a homemade iced coffee drink that I actually like!

It's no frappuccino, but it's sweet and delicious with a nice coffee flavor and it keeps me out of the (horribly busy) Starbucks line. Here's how I make it!

-I brew my coffee (I usually use a bold blend from Green Mountain coffee)

-I fill up a glass with ice

-I pour (1%) milk into the glass until it is 3/4 of the way full

-I drizzle a generous amount of (Smuckers) caramel syrup into the glass

-I let my brewed coffee cool off a little and sometimes put it in the freezer for a minute or two

-I pour a little coffee into the glass

-I top it off with a couple more ice cubes

-I stir it with a butter knife and then I (usually) insert a bendy straw

Ta Da! Beautiful coffee drink!

// Variations //

-Try freezing the coffee the night before and using coffee ice cubes instead of freshly brewed, hot coffee

-Try using a different syrup flavor

-Try adding whipped cream

-Try varying the amounts of milk, syrup, coffee and ice until you get a mix you like