I'm a "Dress Your Tech" Contest Loser, but you get to download my designs anyway!

There's this blog I follow, DESIGN LOVE FEST, and they regularly offer fun images to "Dress Your Tech" with (use as your desktop, ipad, etc. background). Recently, they had a contest where you could summit your designs and they'd choose a few winners to be featured on the blog. I knew it was a long shot (very popular blog = very many awesome entries), but I whipped up a couple designs to summit. I didn't win (check out the well deserving winners here), but I thought I'd share my entries with you anyway!

Download the images after the jump!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the Retro Squares design

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the Enough design

*Note: These aren't actually downloads. They link to the large file size which you can then save and set as your desktop background.