It's Wednesday already? [ Alpacas and Goats ]

Me with Goats // Viva Bang Bang These past couple of days have been (mostly) packed with school work, although as you may have guessed from these photos I've posted, that school work has been pretty fun.

Yesterday, my friend Catie Beth and her boyfriend's mom Eva let me come out to Eva's farm in Christiana and take pictures of all her beautiful animals. I'm making a Look Book for one of my Senior Show pieces and I think some of the shots I got yesterday will work wonderfully. I am in love with this picture of Catie Beth holding the baby goat. It is exactly what I had envisioned. I also like how in the above picture of me, the goat in the bottom corner is looking at the camera. These goats were all super friendly. My dog was not pleased when I came home smelling like them.


I also got a nice picture of this gorgeous alpaca. They were so so beautiful. Eva also let me take some photos of her studio where she makes her fiber art, so I will have that Local Lovely post for you sometime soon!

Alpaca // Viva Bang Bang

*Thanks Catie Beth for taking the top picture and arranging for me to come out to the farm!