Local Lovely [ Caitlin Rantala ]

Caitlin Rantala has the kind of beauty that makes young men chase her down and ask for her phone number and the kind of talent and gumption that could make any aspiring creative jealous. Hailing from Huntersville, North Carolina, Caitlin decided to move to Nashville after college and pursue a career as a graphic designer. She also decided to write some books. Yes, books, as in more than one. Her can-do, never-take-no-for-an-answer attitude paid off and Caitlin is now working for MusicRow Magazine as a graphic designer and working with an agent to get her book published. Caitlin is a splendid local talent chasing her dreams and I can't wait to see more from her!

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Synopsis of Caitlin's book SIREN:

SIREN, where THE VOICE meets SNOW WHITE, is a YA fantasy telling the story of the sirens of Eastland who carry their voice in a vial around their neck and the best voice wins the crown of the kingdom—until one special voice is stolen leading to the unraveling of the secrets of Eastland, a star-crossed romance, and one girl’s answer to the call of reinstating Eastland to its former glory.

Eastland is inhabited by sirens: people with mesmerizing voices worn proudly around their necks in small colorful glass vials. Once a Kingdom full of magic, Eastland is slowly losing itself. The only spectacular thing anyone has left is their song. The better one’s voice, the better one’s social standing in the Kingdom. In fact, even the Queen of Eastland is chosen based on her vocals during a ceremony called The Choosing.

Sawyer Sweetin is a nobody in Eastland, but she has a rare gifted talent, one that could easily steal the crown if the whole kingdom were to hear her. Tired of being ignored, Sawyer is determined to win the hearts of her homeland, finally being allowed to come into her own and return the kingdom back to its magic origins.

However, her spiteful competitor for The Choosing had other plans that falsely landed Sawyer in exile so she was ineligible. Sawyer, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, fights for her voice, her destiny and the verity of Eastland—finding love along the way. Responsible for exposing the danger of the queen’s reign or losing the love of Eastland in the process, Sawyer has to fight the evil queen’s sorcery and return Eastland to its former glory—but she might lose her true love in the race for musical succession knowing that the queen will stop at nothing to snuff secrets and lives.

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