New Work [ UI Compositions ]

UI Composition I // Viva Bang Bang I've recently been working on a new series of work that I'm excited to share with you! The colors and shapes in these minimal pieces are derived from online interfaces that users interact with everyday.

My inspiration comes from pages found on the wild web which I have reduced to minimal, simple forms while incorporating the colors from said pages and tweaking the compositions to my liking.

UI Composition II / Viva Bang Bang

As many of you know, I work as a UI/UX designer at my day job and as a result, I look at many, many different websites everyday. I've long been fascinated by both the conventions that many sites adhere to and the ways in which many designers choose to break away from those conventions in order to create new and interesting user experiences. I enjoy finding the beauty in both the intentional and unintentional compositions these sites contain.

UI Composition III // Viva Bang Bang

Prints will be available in the Viva Bang Bang shop this Spring and I plan to continue working on this series and exploring different mediums with these compositions.

*Please note that these images are mock-ups and not actual photographs of the prints. Prints that will be sold in the shop will not be folded and creased.
Mock-up template via Mike Delsing