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Organizing your college dorm // Viva Bang Bang

I've been wanting to do a post about dorm organizing for a while now and am excited to finally be posting this. Living in a dorm can be both exciting and a drag all at the same time. Personally, I found sharing a dorm a lot easier when all my stuff was organized. I'm not saying my stuff was always orderly and neat, but I liked it better when it was.

A dorm is basically a tiny, studio apartment that you, more likely than not, share with another person. It needs to have the functionality of a home with several rooms, but without actually having any rooms.  Break up your dorm space into zones and let each zone function as a separate room. For example, your entryway could be reduced to a bowl by the door to catch your keys and ID and your bedroom is simply your bed and a shelf that you use as a nightstand.

Here is a breakdown of different zones you may want to create in your dorm along with some things that can help you organize said zones. And oh yea, all of these things can be found at Target. And no, this isn't a sponsored post. I just like Target ok?

Bedroom/Living Room

Your bedroom and living room zones will probably overlap a little. Your friends are going to use your bed as a couch and if you loft your bed, you can use the space underneath to store a couple of storage ottomans (and lots of other stuff) that can be pulled out for extra seating on movie night. Also, a basket is a cute way to hold pillows, magazines, blankets, etc. all in one place.

Shelf / Basket / Ottoman


So I had this brillant idea to use a media console as a kitchen zone organizer...after I moved out of the dorm and into a place with a real kitchen, but just think about it! Many of them are lower to the ground and sturdy making them ideal refrigerator stands and a lot of them have wide, flat drawers and shelves that are perfect for storing cereal and crackers. I'm sure someone else has already done this, but I never saw it done in any of the dorms I lived in. Also, get a trash can with a lid (you will thank yourself later) and I love sliding drawers. They make it so much easier to reach the stuff stored all the way in the back and utilize all of your shelf space.

Sliding Storage / Trash Bin / Media Console


Keep your entryway zone organized with a cute "catch all" bowl for keys and IDs and a simple wire shoe rack.

Shoe Rack / Bowl


Keeping your office zone organized will make study time go a little smoother. Keep your flash drive, writing utensils, stapler, tape, etc. neat and easily accessible with these cute desk accessories.

Drawer Organizer / Tray / Pencil Holder


The laundry zone in your dorm will probably consist of just your laundry bin and your cleaning supplies and you'll have to haul your dirty clothes down the hall to clean them, so make the process a little simpler with a handy caddy to carry all of your cleaning supplies and a laundry basket with wheels.

Plastic Caddy / Laundry Cart


The dorm you'll live in will probably provide closet space, but it will probably need a little help from some freestanding drawers, collapsible bins and hooks for the back of your door.

 Drawers / Collapsible Bin / Door Hooks

Dorm Decorating // Viva Bang Bang
Dorm Decorating // Viva Bang Bang