School and Tiny Treasures

Viva Bang Bang Today, I'd like to share with you an ad rough for my Senior Show and my final logo for my fictional retail store Fellow. I would also like to share a picture of this pretty notebook I bought the other day (ooo ahh).

Bedroom Bench // Viva Bang Bang

In addition to working on school stuff, I've been squirreling away tiny treasures for our next apartment or house (who knows where we'll end up!) like this piano bench that I scored at a thrift shop for $16. The covering is pretty worn out, so I plan to recover it with a dark velvet fabric soon.

Storage Boxes and Throw // Viva Bang Bang

Rusty Sculpture // Viva Bang Bang

Other treasures I've acquired lately include a rusty chain sculpture for $4.50, some fabric covered storage boxes and a soft throw. I am still super excited to decorate our next place and will continue to keep you updated!

The Modern Art Shop // Viva Bang Bang

In other news, I received the print I ordered from The Modern Art Shop (click the link see the post about them and get the exclusive discount code!) and it is beautiful! I'm excited to get a frame for it soon so that it doesn't just sit on my bookshelf.

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*I know that my plans to post 3 times a week have completely gone out the window thanks to school, but it will only be about 8 weeks until I graduate (omg) and I'll have more time to start acting on some big ideas for this blog. So stick with me!