Shop Your Closet [ 2 Weeks of Outfit Inspiration ]

Shop Your Closet for 2 Weeks of Outfits // Viva Bang Bang

By now you might have heard of my cheap lady ways, so today I'd like to share with you the 2 weeks of outfits I made using mix and match pieces that were already in my wardrobe and that I came to own for very little money.

Shop Your Closet // Viva Bang Bang

I happen to be very lucky in the hand-me-down department because I have two stylish ladies that like to give me their nice, pre-loved clothing (Mom and Rhonda, that'd be you guys), so when I actually shop for new and new to me clothing, I usually shop at thrift stores and discount stores unless I can't find a specific piece or need a good investment item (white t-shirt, basic shoes, etc.). 

Even though several of the things I'm wearing are hand-me-downs or gifts and cost me nothing, I think that you could easily find similar pieces (except for maybe the shoes and white button up-it's hard to buy white at a thrift store) at Goodwill and other thrift stores. Labels like Ann Taylor, Gap, Banana Republic, The Limited and Old Navy are pretty easy to find at Goodwills around here. I would also like to note that some of the things I'm wearing are a few years old.

I ask that you excuse the low quality of the photos and also the low quality of my modeling skills : )

Here's a list of everything I'm wearing in these photos and how much they cost me. If I missed something, let me know!

Red Blazer - H&M, bought new approx. $40
Blue T-Shirt - Gap, bought new, less than $20
Printed Skirt - hand-me-down
White Jeans - hand-me-down
Brown Sweater- Ann Taylor, Christmas gift
White button down- Gap, bought new, less than $30
Black button down- hand-me-down
Orange & Silver Belt - Steve Madden, bought new as set, $10 ($5 a piece)
Blue striped shirt- bought new on clearance at least 4 years ago, approx. $10
Nine West nude, medium height heels- TJMaxx $40
Sequined shirt- Ann Taylor, gift
Braided belt- bought second hand, less than $5
Gold colored necklace- Vintage via my mom
Silver studded cuff - Saved it from getting thrown out
Brown watch- ??? It’s old and doesn’t work and I can’t imagine it was worth more than $20-25 new
Purple bracelet- Gap, Christmas gift
Cream colored sweater- Gap, Christmas gift
Cream colored cardigan- Forever 21, approx. $10
Cross body purse- Target?, hand-me-down
Lucky Brand gray flats- TJMaxx $40