Style Guide [ Mint ]

Style Guide [ Mint ] // Viva Bang Bang Ahh! Is there anything more refreshing than mint? Possibly a bottle of water at the zoo...I'm always so thirsty at the zoo, but I digress.

School's started up again and I'm already scrambling to get everything done. This semester's going to be quick and crazy and if you see me in person (Yea right! I won't have time to socialize until May!), I'll probably say hello and then just start listing off all of the things I need to get done (Only one more change to the package design, then finish writing that paper, then get that illustration done, etc. etc.). 

I've also realized that I must start looking for jobs. Convincing people that they want to give me money and see me everyday seems very daunting, though not impossible. I must, however, let these people know I exist before I start convincing them that not only would they enjoy working with me, but they'd also enjoy lunching with me.

This would be a good time to tell me that you know someone who's hiring.

Have a Happy Friday and I'll see you Monday! In the meantime, you can keep yourself entertained by checking out my Pinterest, my Twitter and my Instagram.

*images ring / peplum dress / elephant / calendar / cat top / pillow