Tappan Collective [ Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein ]

Tappan Collective [ Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein ] Interview // Viva Bang Bang

Today, I'm excited to share with you an interview with Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein of Tappan Collective! As some of you may remember, I mentioned Tappan Collective and artist Martin Davis in my post about The Mindy Project apartment, but if you haven't heard of them yet, then I'm happy to introduce you!

Chelsea and Jordan are the creators of Tappan Collective which, in it's most basic form, is an online platform that connects emerging artists to new art collectors looking to start their collection at an affordable price. The selection of art offered is well-curated, current and, indeed, affordable. Tappan Collective is a must-see for any aspiring artist or art collector.

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Alison Cooley // Viva Bang Bang
Alison Cooley // Viva Bang Bang

"Tourangelle", Alison Cooley

Share a little about your background and what led you to start the Tappan Collective.

Jordan and I met at the University of Michigan through a mutual friend.  I studied fine art and Jordan was an art history major.  We spent a lot of time at the Tappan Fine Art Library while in school and we knew we were destined to work together one day.  After graduating in 2010 and working in the professional art world we noticed a gap in the marketplace for emerging artists and young collectors to be connected.  Tappan was initially started to fill this void.

Where do you search for inspiration?

Pinterest, art blogs, galleries, the world around us, everything can be inspiring.

Stevie Howell // Viva Bang Bang
Stevie Howell // Viva Bang Bang
"Rose", Stevie Howell

What qualities do you look for in new artists and their work?

We are constantly looking for new artists that inspire us and catch our eye.  There is a check-list of criteria we go through when bringing on new artists, but its important to us that we find artists who are pursuing their career in the arts.  You won’t find a banker who happens to make illustrations on his free time.

What's a typical work day look like for you? Are you very hands on with the business side of things or do you stay more to the creative side?

There is no typical day.  We are creative souls at Tappan and play off of each other.  Tasks are divided up and double, triple checked by each other.  From curatorial projects to coffee meetings to answering emails it is a constant hustle. Even after only eight months, we have begun to expand our team, bringing on new employees.

Tyler Healy // Viva Bang Bang
Tyler Healy // Viva Bang Bang
"Lips", Tyler Healy

Name a piece of art in your art collection.

Jordan- Michael Gittes- Brigitte Bardot

Chelsea- Evan Robarts- Basketball Sculpture

What is the most recent piece you've added to your collection?

Jordan- I just added Amanda Charchain’sLava Lust

Chelsea- Tyler Healy Lips

What's next for Tappan Collective?

Michael Gittes is going to have a show at The Armory in New York.

Martin Davis // Viva Bang Bang
Martin Davis // Viva Bang Bang
"Untitled", Martin Davis

Your business bridges the gap between mass produced, tired works of art and million dollar masterpieces by offering limited edition pieces from new artists. You conduct business online, but have gallery shows to allow for face-to-face interaction. It provides a friendly starting point for new collectors and new artists. I think this is a brilliant and revolutionary business model and am only sad I didn't think of it myself! What kind of reaction are you getting from art galleries, artists, and consumers? Do you find that anyone is leery of purchasing fine art online?

People are much more open to buying art online because they are used to doing so much online these days from banking to socializing to clothes shopping.  Our price point and guaranteed quality is appealing to our consumers.  Artists are eager to be a part of Tappan because it trustworthy platform to have more exposure for their work and gain a profit along the way.

Dean Levin // Viva Bang Bang
Dean Levin // Viva Bang Bang
"Let's Get Wavey", Dean Levin

What advice do you have for new art collectors?

Trust your instinct. You know what you like the best and you are the one living with the work.  Find out what kind of art you are drawn to if when you go to a museum.  Do you go straight to the Warhol or do you wander through the romantic 19th century landscapes.  Build on that foundation to go in depth on what art you want to invest in and live with.

If you could have dinner with any artist (living or deceased) who would it be?

Chelsea: Cy Twombly

Jordan: Lichtenstein

Thank you Jordan and Chelsea for giving this wonderful interview! To see more about Tappan Collective click here!

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