Weekend Fun [ Champaign, Illinois ]

The Blind Pig // Viva Bang Bang

We took a quick trip up to Champaign, Illinois this weekend to visit with my boyfriend's family and while I feel like most of the day was spent eating, talking and sitting in the hot tub, a few of us did go out to The Blind Pig in downtown Champaign on Saturday night. If you go, be advised that there are two locations within a couple blocks of one another. We found this out the hard way and ended up at the location that is also the brewery. Both spots have a great vibe on the inside (pretty sure Hagrid could hang at a place like this), but the brewery location had a great beer garden complete with hanging lights and trippy wall mural. I think the mural was actually part of the consignment shop that shared a wall with the garden, but this Hulk Hogan egg man was funny just the same.

It was great to see everyone, but I'm glad to be home and to have our dog Izzy back (she had been on a puppy vacation with Craig's mom). Hope you had a good weekend too!