Why I Blog and Answers to Life's Other Mysteries


The title of this blog post may be misleading. I do not actually have the answers to life's mysteries (so please tell me if you do!), but I can tell you why I put time and effort into this blog. There are 4 Main Reasons I blog and they are as follows:

1. Documentation

I don't journal like I used to (I didn't need to keep adding to that embarrassing collection of essays) and I like that my blog, along with other social media outlets, can serve as a way to document things in the world that may not otherwise be documented such as interviews with local artists, photos of a local artist's home, etc.

2. Community

In addition to documenting things I'm interested in, I also like to share these things! And what better place is there to share and find likeminded people than internet? Since starting this blog, I've connected with a lot of really great people that I might not have otherwise. From a great group of bloggers that I get to hang out with and eat at awesome restaurants with to other artists and designers that I've interviewed via the interwebs, I'm very appreciative of this creative community and have truly enjoyed getting to interact with each of you.

3. Giving Back to the Internet

Closely related to my second reason, this reason for blogging is because I feel like I take and take and take from the people of the internet all the time (hello pinterest!) and I want to share and feel like I'm giving back interesting content. I have a handful of posts that have been fairly popular and it makes me feel good to think that something I created is entertaining/helping someone else. 

4. Experience

As many of you know, I'm a designer and a small business enthusiast. I would one day like to work specifically with creative entrepreneurs to develop their brands, market their work, utilize social media, etc. Having this blog has given me an excuse to try various blogging platforms and social media outlets, as well as study (read: stalk) other blogs/bloggers to see how they're using and promoting their blogs. I think that this experience (along with my 9-5 marketing experience) will be useful to share when I do eventually work with small business owners. 


Why do you blog?