Why I’m taking a break from freelancing + My online art shop’s official launch date


While I’ve been working full-time the past 10 months after graduation, I’ve also been doing freelance work (mainly designing and setting up websites for small, local businesses). It’s been great to get to work with talented clients, grow as a designer and make extra cash, but it’s also been stressful. Working 40 + hours a week and then coming home and working more in the evenings and/or on the weekends is not particularly fun or easy to manage.

I realized that in addition to thinking about my 9-5 job and all of life’s little chores, I was also thinking about clients and their projects all throughout the week and honestly, I felt overwhelmed by it all.

I started to wonder why I was making myself do all this extra work. I enjoyed the actual work, yes and I eventually would like to work for myself, so freelancing was a good starting point. But I enjoy the work I do at my day job too and I’m not planning on making the switch to self-employment anytime soon.

I feel like there are so many projects I want to do for myself and so many things I want to do in my free time with my friends and family, that loading myself down with more freelance work indefinitely would be the wrong decision for me.  

I’m grateful for the experience and knowledge I’ve gained from my freelance work and I’m happy I got to work with the people I did. This is by no means a goodbye to freelance work forever. I still fully intend to work for myself designing and consulting in the future, but in the meantime, I’m going to focus on my fine art projects, learning new skills, honing existing ones, cultivating creative friendships and keeping myself open to new collaborations that come my way.

I believe that taking time to follow my creative fancy will make me better prepared for when I do go back to freelancing.

One of the first personal projects I want to get going is my online art shop. I’ve talked about it on the blog before and was hoping to have it launched in April, but since I’ve been trying to clear my plate of freelance work, it hasn’t been completed yet.

The new grand opening date for the Viva Bang Bang online art shop is June 1st!

I’m excited to finally launch this dream that’s been in my head for a long time and can’t wait to see where this project takes me!