Wrapping Paper Garland [ DIY ]

Wrapping Paper Garland [ DIY ] // VIva Bang Bang You know how when you wrap presents and you usually end up with long, skinny strips leftover from where the wrapping paper was too wide? Well, I used my leftover wrapping paper to make paper garland! I also used some brown packing paper that came with some of the stuff we ordered offline and that worked wonderfully too. I was worried that it might all look stupid, but I think it turned out quite nicely and will be a nice decoration for my New Year's Eve get together tonight!

All you do is:

1- fold the long strip in half

2- cut slits along the unfolded edge

3- unfold the paper and roll it long ways

4- and then twist it over so that it makes a little loop!

I used a thin, craft wire to hang mine over a mirror, but you could use thread to tie the pieces together.

Hope you enjoy making your wrapping paper garland!

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